The New Old Time Chautauqua members Alex Allan and Shannon Gray Collier (courtesy TNOC)

The New Old Time Chautauqua members Alex Allan and Shannon Gray Collier (courtesy TNOC)

By Greta Mart/KHNS

A troupe of entertainers is on their way to Haines to host a parade, arts workshops and a two-hour vaudeville-style show.

The Seattle-based New Old Time Chautauqua is currently touring Southeast Alaska. According to the group, they aim to promote laughter, entertainment, learning and community.

Starting at 1 p.m. on Friday (July 10, 2015), the 50-member troupe will lead a parade from Main Street to the Chilkat Center. Then from two to five p.m. members will hold workshops and lectures at the Parade Grounds open to all ages. The workshops range from double dutch jump rope and juggling to slack-lining and even “Deep Clowning.”

Workshop coordinator Kristin Crowley says there will be seven to nine workshops happening simultaneously during each session.

“And then there’s a silly workshop but very important – it’s called Know When to Fold ‘Em.  How to fold a fitted sheet and a t-shirt in two seconds. That’s a highly popular workshop – impress your mother, girlfriend, father, friend – whoever you want,” said Crowley.

At 7 p.m., The New Old Time Chautauqua will perform a two-hour show at the Chilkat Center. While the parade and arts workshops are free, there is a charge for the all-ages show. The audience can expect acrobatics, music and magic tricks.

Troupe vice president Paul Magid said their Southeast tour has been a hit so far.

“The show has sold out everywhere it’s gone,” said Magid.

Troupe members are also hoping to hold a potluck at Chilkoot Lake at noon on Saturday (07/11/15). Then they take off to their final stop in Sitka. See for more information. Tickets to the evening performance can be bought in advance at the Babbling Book bookstore, and at the door.