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KHNS Day Sponsor

Day sponsorships are available for a pledge of $500/year, $40/month or more. KHNS will schedule only one Day Sponsor for each day. Your Day Sponsor message will be broadcast at least 6 times during the day, typically during Lynn Canal Morning, Soundwaves and All Things Considered.

A Day sponsorship should be a personal message and not a promotion for groups, organizations or businesses. However, a message recognizing someone for their work in a group or organization is acceptable.

Day Sponsor Rules

Pledge must be paid in full for a Day sponsorship to air. Monthly Sustainers at $40/month or more must have a current sustainer profile and have paid at least 6 months. Day sponsorships are not available to businesses, and may not reference such. Day sponsor messages cannot be guaranteed unless submitted at least 2 weeks in advance.

KHNS reserves the right to edit all responses to comply with existing federal laws and to make them consistent with station tone. Messages that may be interpreted as divisive, inflammatory, negative, or with political or religious overtones will not be aired. Anonymous sponsorship's cannot be aired.

Some examples of Day Sponsorships

KHNS is made possible with a program day sponsorship from Bob White, honoring his parents Susan and Robert White and their love of public radio.

Bob White

KHNS is made possible with a program day sponsorship from Sally Kemp of Haines, celebrating International Women’s Day, and recognizing the contribution of women worldwide.

Sally Kemp

Programming is made possible today with a listener day sponsorship from Jim and Shelly Weston, honoring the volunteers and supporters of tomorrow’s Klondike Road Relay.

Jim & Shelly Weston
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