Takshanuk Watershed Council hosted a Community Mining Presentation on April 7, 2015 in Haines and on April 8, 2015 in Klukwan. The event, including choosing the speakers, was organized by TWC with the following sponsors support: Chilkat Indian Village, Chilkoot Indian Association, Constantine Metal Resources Ltd., Lynn Canal Conservation, The Haines Chamber of Commerce and Lynn Canal Gillnetters. The event was moderated by Margaret Friedenauer, KHNS news director.

The event began with 20 minute presentations by speakers. The audio from the Haines April 7th presentations are below, broken into individual presentations. The complete question and answer period follows.

For any questions or comments about the event, please contact Takshanuk Watershed Council.

Bob LoefflerUniversity of Alaska Anchorage visiting professor of public policy in Social & Economic Research. Former Director of Division of Mining, Land and Water with Department of Natural Resources.

Presenting on the different types of large mines operating in Alaska, different tailings storage techniques and methods of water quality protection.


Dave Chambers – Ph.D., P. Geop. director, Center for Science in Public Participation. Presenting on Tailings Storage Facilities and the long term environmental, social and economic implications of caring for these facilities.

Presenting on tailings storage facilities and the long term environmental, social and economic implications of caring for these facilities.


John HoppeBureau of Land Management, geologist, Anchorage District Office

James WhitlockBureau of Land Management, Alaska mining program lead – acting environmental scientist, Anchorage District Office

Kyle Moselle – large mine project manager, Alaska Department of Natural Resources.

Presenting on the permitting steps for a mine, agencies involved and public involvement.


Guy Archibald – mining and clean water program manager, Southeast Alaska Conservation Council

Presenting on his analysis of the Environmental Impact Statement associated with mines – what does it cover, what is not covered, how a community can be involved.


Question and answer period. Questions were presented from the audience to the moderator and read for the panel to respond to. Moderated by Margaret Friedenauer. (The audio is broken into two section to accommodate file size.)