Author: Margaret Friedenauer

KHNS News – Dec. 8, 2014

After lobbying for a law change, a Haines distillery opens its newly legal tasting room; A bird flu outbreak is keeping British Columbia poultry out of U.S. markets during the holiday season; and a Hoonah cruise ship dock location causes disagreement....

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Haines Assembly Candidate Forum 2014

KHNS News hosted a forum for Haines Assembly candidates on Thursday, September 25. We recorded the forum and an hour of the forum will broadcast on KHNS at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 1 and the complete forum is available to listen to below. We’ve divided the forum up into specific questions, topics and issues. Some questions were drawn up by KHNS News Director Margaret Friedenauer and questions were also taken from the audience. The candidates for Haines Assembly are: Jerry Erny, Mike Case, Ron Jackson, Mario Benassi and Joe Parnell. Moderated by Margaret Friedenauer of KHNS.   Introductions   What are the issues you think are most important for the Haines assembly to address in the next 3-5 years?   How should the borough prioritize education funding in its budget and do you support the bonds for the school projects on the ballot this year?   What can or should the Haines Borough be doing to attract and keep the millennial generation to our community?   What are your thoughts on the Palmer Project currently being explored by Constantine Metal Resources?   Is Haines a divided community? How does that affect ongoing issues and conversations in our community, such as heliski management?   What is your opinion of the Juneau Access Road Project?   Do you supported increased funding for the library?...

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