Serving Haines, Skagway and Klukwan on 102.3 and 91.9 FM

KHNS – Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors, hailing from both Haines and Skagway, volunteer their time and expertise to oversee the planning and guide the mission of the station. Board meeting times change with the season but are held in the Chilkat Center Conference Room. Meeting date notices are posted regularly on the website and announced over the air.

Dustin Craney

“I have lived in the Upper Lynn Canal for most of the last decade, in both Skagway and Haines. Attracted to the area by the adventure opportunities in the surrounding mountains and waterways, my wife Katie and I chose to call the area home mostly due to the unique, creative communities rooted here. That, and not having to find ways to fit all of our things into the back of a truck.

KHNS and coffee is a daily ritual, and keep me informed of local news, weather, and community events. I’ve been a member since 2006, an occasional DJ, and I look forward to being a director of the best community radio station around.”

Margaret Sebens

I’ve lived in Haines since 1988 and  almost immediately began volunteering at and supporting KHNS.  It’s still the best radio station I have ever come across!  I have worked as a lifeguard, food server, office manager, business owner, school paraprofessional, and production assistant/host for KHNS.  Currently I am a Speech Language Pathologist in private practice and I work for SAIL as an advocate for seniors and people with disabilities.  My free time is spent with my fantastic daughter, Bozhi,  walking on the beach with my dogs, hiking, yoga, theatre, and volunteering.  Thank you for inviting me to serve on the Board of Directors for KHNS!


Russ Lyman

Russ has been a volunteer DJ at KHNS since 1990, covering a variety of different shows over the years. He has also been a board member on two different occasions during that time. He and his wife, Cynthia Allen, have been year-round residents of Haines since 1994, and have been ongoing supporters of Lynn Canal Broadcasting during that time.

Dustin Stone
Director - Skagway

There is nothing Dustin enjoys more than sitting alone in a small room, wearing headphones to listen to the sound of his own voice, so radio is a natural fit.

He started out at KCPR San Luis Obispo while attending college. It is there he earned the moniker “Trainwreck” because he was very bad at doing radio. He is still very bad at doing radio, but nobody has asked him to stop yet.

Dustin loves (in no particular order): the ocean, unlistenable noise, hot springs, sleeping in his truck, terrible things, manatees, bourbon, menudo, and his wife Chelsey…..Dustin also loves KHNS.


KHNS Volunteer
Jeff Bochart
Vice President

Since moving to the upper valley 30 years back, KHNS has been a major source of info. Back in those days of packing water and running a generator for power out at 39 mile, the times when we received a signal from KHNS was like having an “ear to the world”…it seemed like magic really.
So, at long last, it is high time to be a part of this sweet little radio station which truly has a life all of its own.

KHNS Board of Director
Tekla Helgason
Director - Skagway

I have been a public radio listener since, well, basically birth. My dad was a big fan and some of my happiest memories from my childhood are spending time with him in his studio listening to the radio. Everywhere I’ve lived I’ve gotten involved with the local station and always thought of myself as a public radio dork – until I came here, where being a public radio dork is normal. Thanks KHNS for making me feel normal.

KHNS Board of Directors
Judy Erekson

When my sister moved to Haines in 1980, she sent me tapes to listen to while living on a boat in Florida. I remember hearing the DJ say “It’s a balmy 40 degrees today” and I thought, “how could 40 degrees ever be balmy!!” I moved here in 1990, met my partner and stayed to raise my 3 daughters.

I worked for KHNS for over 10 years so I know about the funding and operation of the station. I am currently the Business Manager for the Haines School District and serve on a variety of Non-Profit boards.

I love KHNS, it’s staff and loyal membership and will continue to do what I can to keep our signal broadcasting to educate, entertain, and enlighten listeners for years to come.

KHNS Board of Directors
Deb Potter
Vice President

Deb Potter is a Sagitarius who enjoys short walks to the glacier, karaoke and all things KHNS. Originally from Los Angeles, but don’t judge me, I now call Skagway my home. I’ve been listening to KHNS for 13 years, and on the Board for 5, and I truly believe that KHNS is the greatest community radio station in the world.