Day: December 13, 2017

Haines Assembly wants to keep cocktails on the menu

The Haines Assembly has decided to weigh in as distilleries and state regulators argue over the sale of cocktails. With a unanimous vote, the Assembly agreed to send a letter to the State requesting cocktails remain on the menu in Alaska’s distilleries. Assembly member Tom Morphet brought the issue forward. He was motivated because of how changes could affect Haines’ Port Chilkoot Distillery. “There have been no public concerns as far as I can tell. The people at the distillery have put us on the map in terms of this new industry,” Morphet said. “It behooves us as...

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Haines Assembly slightly increases heliski map

The area approved for heliskiing near Haines has been expanded – slightly. The Haines Assembly this week approved two amendment proposals – totaling just over 200 acres. The assembly took an unusual route to get there. The assembly was set to vote on a resolution that would have accepted 10 proposed map amendments. Assembly member Brenda Josephson made a motion to adopt the resolution, but it died for lack of a second. Meaning, the resolution wasn’t adopted, and no changes would be made to the current heliski map – until the conversation was revived later in the meeting....

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